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Yoga is a very wide term. It is a secret science which is the first and the oldest of all science. It believes in the oneness of the world. It has branched out in different streams and whichever stream you may choose the ultimate goal is freedom, peace and self realization. It is an age-old science, an art and a practical aspect of Guidant philosophy. Yoga is derived from the SANSKRIT word “YUJ” which means to join. Yoga is both YUKTI (Technique) and MUKTI (Liberation). Only by practice does one experience the effects of the various asanas for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga provides a perfect solution because it brings harmony and balance to life. The mental state is balanced and the physical health is improved resulting in better resistance to illness. The system of YOGA is based on this universal truth. Yoga is a whole discipline of body, mind and soul and consists of many parts called “Angus”. Like the petal of lulus, that bloom to become a rejoicing flower, so also the practice of YOGA makes you bloom with joy harmony, good health and total peace. The body, mind and soul are all independent and inter-related and through YOGA you liberate yourself from the clutches of life’s misery. This stream touches your physical, emotional, psychological, moral and spiritual planes and you rise above the misery of suffering, pain and anguish making you a tower of joy.
To appreciate the importance of YOGA in “Diabetes” it is essential to understand the line of yogic science is divided into two parts ASHTANGA YOGA (yoga if eight parts-mastering mind) and HATHA YOGA (balance of energies and mastering the physical body).


Yoga begins with the body and slowly spreads through the various levels of our daily life. It brings to the aspirant and enviable state of health by pervading every physical system in the body. The nerves are stimulated and improve the balance of Para-sympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in the harmony of the various endocrine glands. Due to disciplined respiration, the capacity of the lungs increases. The various pressure and bends, with the gastric fire is kindled, aiding the digestive system. It also aids the excretory system. Arteries and veins become elastic because of the various stretches. Muscular fibers become strong by passive or active stretches. Alternate stretch and contraction improve muscle tone. The joints get flexibility because of the manipulation and this reduces the rate of bone degeneration.

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